Three persons of interest

The results are back from ESR.

ESR scientists have examined Josh’s shirt and the cricket bat and found DNA from two other people (some on the shirt and some on the bat). The scientists have generated DNA profiles from these samples.

To find out who the unidentified DNA profiles might belong to, ESR scientists have compared the profiles against the National DNA Profile Databank and the Temporary Databank. Together, these Databanks contain DNA profiles of people convicted or charged with specified crimes, as well as DNA profiles of other people who have agreed to have their profiles added to it.

The profile of a man named Mike, who is on the Databank, matches the DNA profile from the shirt.  However, the profile from the DNA on the bat does not match with any of the Databank profiles.

Detective Jess makes a note to track down Mike, but in the meantime, her investigations have identified two more persons of interest who were at the party – Chris and Sam. She sets out to find them and talk to them.


Chris was at the party. He is Josh’s best friend and says he did not hit Josh. Chris wants to eliminate himself as a suspect. Find out more…


Sam was at the party.  She is Josh’s ex-girlfriend.  She says she hates cricket and did not touch the cricket bat. Sam does not want to give a DNA sample. Find out more…


Mike was not at the party but he goes to the same gym as Josh. Find out more…