Detective Jess tracks Mike down at the gym where he is working out.  Mike is on the National DNA Profile Databank for a violent crime he committed 10 years ago.  He says it must be a mistake that his DNA has showed up at the crime scene as he has never heard of Josh and was at home with his family on the night of the attack.

However, when Detective Jess shows Mike a picture of Josh, Mike realises that he and Josh are members of the same gym. He has occasionally chatted to Josh and remembers shifting some of Josh’s gear when they were in the changing room the day before the attack. Mike thinks maybe this is why his DNA was on Josh’s shirt that was found at the crime scene.

The latest scientific research shows that people leave small amounts of DNA everywhere. Forensic scientists only need a tiny sample of DNA in order to analyse it and produce a DNA profile.

There is no other evidence linking Mike with the crime. None of the witnesses recalls seeing anyone of Mike’s description at the party, and Detective Jess’ further inquiries suggest Mike’s alibi is sound.

Detective Jess decides to leave Mike to one side and investigate other leads.

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