sam-dnaSam was at the party. She is Josh’s ex-girlfriend but says she still got on well with Josh. She is very upset about Josh’s death.  Sam says she hates cricket so did not go anywhere near the cricket bat. She says she left the party early, as she was feeling tired and only found out about the attack later.

However, Detective Jess’s further investigations reveal that Sam’s story does not add up. Detective Jess believes there is enough information for her to request a DNA sample from Sam, so she can either use the information as a lead in the case or discount Sam from her inquiries. Sam is offended by the request and refuses to give a DNA sample.  She says she was not at the party at the time Josh was attacked and is adamant there is no point in taking a DNA sample from her.

Detective Jess applies to a Judge to make Sam give a sample. (See When and how police can take DNA samples).

In what situations and for what kinds of offences should police be able to obtain DNA samples from people?

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